Thursday, February 6, 2014

Yentl Claus, Woodsmen and A Leopard

Life is never dull. Ever. 

The Help on Make A Gif
Yentl Claus, Leopard & The Woodsman
At least not in 2013... A year filled with so many things, but I think that these few photos, all from the same night really sum things up.

Leopard in Bed on Make A Gif
Our fearless leader... and Leopard.
I can't say how much I love that all of the tomfoolery is always for a good cause.  Supporting American Ballet Theatre and being in a leadership role on their Junior Council has been nothing short of a fantastic experience.  The people you see in these photos are some of the smartest and most respected individuals across multiple industries.  All coming together for the common good of supporting the arts.

ABTinBed on Make A Gif
The Ladies & Gentleman of the
Junior Council of American Ballet Theatre & their Leopard.
We joke, we fool around and we're all together ridiculous sometimes but I think that just adds to the charm of the group. So here's to a 2014 with even more antics and tons more support of the best of the arts with ABT. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I got my ticket for the long way 'round...

There are things that take repeating to learn. How worthwhile you are as a person can be one of them.  Sad to realize but it's true.  During your short time here, you're going to meet people that make you feel amazing, and some not so much. It's who you choose to surround yourself with that curates the content of your character.  Perhaps we're molded by those people and experiences closest to us.  Be a good person. Be honest. Be caring. Surround yourself by positive, caring, honest and trustworthy people.

There are things that take repeating to learn. Look in the mirror and realize how special you are.  You're someone worth telling the truth to, being a good friend to. You're someone worth making time for.  You are someone worth fighting for.

There are things that take repeating to learn. You're going to meet people in your life that will use you, that will lie to your face, and who might make you feel like less than yourself.  Maybe you'll even forget who you actually are for a brief moment... I've been reminded all to well lately of some of those things. Sometimes there's a harshness to life that happens in order for you wake up and realize what you have. Revenge is pointless, threats are juvenile.

Negativity will not produce a positive reaction...

What goes around, comes around right? There's a little comfort in Karma. What I know today is that my Life, no matter how down I might get, my Life is truly wonderful.  While I may have forgotten for a brief moment, I know exactly who I am and thankfully will never have to pretend to be someone that I'm not. That is a wonder in itself. It's amazing that I'm so so blessed to have such wonderful people in it who remind me of that every step of the way.

There are things that take repeating to learn. Today is a new day. If there is someone in your life that can't see just how special you really are, well... they're gonna miss you when you're gone.